An uncomplicated, comprehensive college application process

You hire College Concierge to invest wisely in your child's future, which is priceless. For some students, getting accepted to a university is only the first step in an uphill battle toward a degree. Persevering long enough to graduate can be just as challenging.

Connecting You to Your Future

“My passion is matching students to the college, university, or technical school that will enhance their lives by building on their strengths and providing a solid foundation for their growth into knowledgeable, skilled and thoughtful adults.” -Laine Averback
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Ten Steps to College Success

These realistic strategies can increase the probability that a student will be accepted by and benefit from matriculation in an institution which, based on the evidence the student and College Concierge bring together, is a solid match to his or her interests, knowledge, and skills.
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Personalized College Guidance

We personalize our guidance for the individual student by planning tutoring hours, visiting schools, coaching on writing effective essays, working through the application process, and helping with the transition period throughout the first semester.
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